Meet Keidi: Self Love Advocate

Meet Keidi, @kei.di is a self love advocate, with a strong focus on body positivity. Native to Toronto she and her partner run a photography business together. We found Keidi through Instagram and found what she had to say to be so inspiring and relatable, that we just had to share her story with you guys! We caught up with her below to ask her a few questions about her journey so far, so make sure to keep reading and to keep watch for the other installments of this series.

What is something you would tell someone struggling to finding peace within themselves and their bodies?
You need to start with the decision to love yourself. It is important to recognize and remember that you are just as entitled as everyone else to live the life you love. You are worthy of love, and you are worthy to give that to yourself first. What really helped me get centered was starting a meditation practice especially first thing in the morning.

What is something you would like to see changed in the world to lessen the pressure on women to have the perfect body?
I want to see the media represent more different bodies, fat bodies, bodies of colour, scared bodies, disabled bodies. I want a real representation of the women that are our everyday heroes.

What is something you hope to accomplish by sharing your story with other women?
My goals is that by sharing my imperfect progress and journey to loving myself it can host as an example for other women to do the same. Because life is much kinder on this side, and it all starts within us.
To finish it off what are 3 words you live by? 
All is well.

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