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Your Rising, Sun and Moon Sign


TBH all of us at the studio have gotten really in to horoscopes and our zodiacs lately!

Specifically in figuring out our sun, rising and moon signs! 

Not sure what those are?

Then I am so excited because learning this totally change the whole zodiac/horoscope field for me personally!

I was so used to reading my horoscope just based on my sun sign, and finding it didn't really relate to me much, but after learning my rising and moon sign as well I now personally relate to my horoscope SO much more! 

Your sun sign is generally the sign people are most familiar with. When someone says "whats your zodiac?" you would be responding with your sun sign. Your sun sign represents the center of you and who you are to the core.

Your rising sign is generally how you present yourself and are seen by the world. For example I am a Leo sun sign but a Virgo rising sign, and people always thought I was a Virgo, so once I found this out it made so much sense!

Your moon sign is your emotional being. How you feel and react emotionally. 

To find out what your sun, rising and moon sign are check out this website.

Check out our zodiac symbol options here.

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