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Handmade with love in beautiful British Columbia.

Summer Xie owner of GIGIMEY had a knack for handcrafting beautiful and often complex projects from a very young age. She is blessed to do what she loves. After working with a local jeweler for a few years, Summer decided to start her own jewelry business and integrated her own personal concepts into design and craftsmanship. She founded GIGIMEY Jewelry in 2015 as a namesake to her grandmother and the special relationship they had.

Summer creates pieces inspired by the subtle elegance of the modern women. Working with 14k gold filled, .925 sterling silver and semi-precious stones helps her to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. By incorporated engravings into her designs she has found a way to make every piece more unique, memorable and personalized.

Summer strongly believes jewelry should not be mass produced. “Every piece of jewelry is a strong expression of who you are. It is truly personal. Every time you wear it, you are asserting a part of yourself.”

Summer Lives in Richmond in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband and 2 lovely children.