We try to process orders as quickly as possible in order for our customers to receive their jewelry in a timely manner. Orders are usually processed within hours to get ready for production. Thus, if you need to make any changes to your order (including how to personalize your jewelry) or cancel your order, please do so within 4 hours of placing the order, or before you receive the “Your Order Has Shipped! notification, whichever is earlier.

Refunds will usually appear on your card statement within 2-5 business days. Occasionally, refunds can take up to 30 days to appear.

We accept unworn and unpersonalized returns and/or exchanges within 14 days of when your package was delivered. Returns/exchanges are NOT accepted on personalized pieces, unless we made an error. Please contact us at GIGIMEYjewelryⓐgmail.com for refunds/exchanges.


Returns will be processed in approximately 2-3 weeks. For returns, we refund the purchase price minus a 10% restocking fee. We do NOT refund shipping costs.


If you didn’t order the correct length, we offer the following options for you:

✔ If you need a shorter chain than you ordered:
We will adjust it for free. You will be paying the cost of shipping the item back to you. 

✔ If you need a longer chain than you ordered:

*** We charge an adjusting fee of $8 CAD for each item to replace with a new longer chain (a length of 1 inch to 4 inch can be added). We do not reuse the chain for other orders, and the adjusting fee offsets part of the material cost. 
***Alternatively, you can order extender to be added to your chain. We have two types of extender. One is permanent extender which needs you to send the necklace back to us and we will add it for you. Another type is removable extender, in this case you do not need to send back the necklace, you order it separately, and you can hook it onto the necklace or take it off as needed. 


We accept unworn/unpersonalized exchanges within 14 days of when your package was delivered. We charge the cost of shipping back to you as well as a 5% restocking fee. The price difference between the exchanged items will be counted. Please contact us first for a quote.