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Meet the Team!

Summer - Owner:
Although spending most of my time managing the business, I consider myself more of a metalsmith first. I enjoy working at my bench, filing, carving, shaping... Creating jewelry pieces for myself, family and friends. I am truly fortunate to work doing what I love and to have the opportunity to make one of a kind jewelry pieces for our customers.
Vanni - Office Manager:
Hi i'm Vanni I work as an office assistant at GIGIMEY! Outside of work I explore things via photography and sketching. I love capturing memories and scenery through the means of photography. It makes my heart smile.
Carmen - Office Manager:
Hi, i’m Carmen, I work as a customer service representative at GIGIMEY.  Outside of work, I am a freelance nail technician, and am part of the local Vancouver badminton community. Bringing hot chocolate a matcha latte or even a bubble tea to work is a must for me! Please let me know if you have any questions about your order, i'd be happy to help!
Nicole - Marketing:
Hi i'm Nicole! I work doing marketing and social media at GIGIMEY! Outside of work I love playing music, hanging out with my two cats Aslan and April and taking my dog Elle on hikes.

Allyson - Chain Team:

Hi I'm Allyson! I work on the chain team at GIGIMEY, which means I create the chains for your necklace and bracelet orders. Outside of work I love cooking with my husband, having movie nights and sharing stories of each day with my family.

Jacqline - Chain Team:

Hi i'm Jacqline, I work on the chain team at GIGIMEY. To me, the key to life consists of enjoying a cup of tea in one hand and indulging on sweets in the other whilst watching anime, reading manga, or listening to true crime/horror story podcasts! I love to explore various cafes in the Vancouver area and hiking on the amazing mountains we have here.

Full-time jeweller, full-time bird mom of two.♡

Kathy - Chain Team:

Hi i’m Kathy! I work on the chain team at GIGIMEY. Outside of work you can find me hanging out with my son or trying out new recipes. 

Melanie - Engraver:

Hi i'm Melanie and I have worked at GIGIMEY since the beginning. As a jeweller for over 3 years, I was trained under Summer to be able to hand engrave your pieces. I am always up to learn new jewelry techniques to be able to expand my capability as a jeweller. And am more than happy to create a unique piece for you!